Call for Workshop Proposals


Call for Workshop Proposals

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Workshops will be held in conjunction with the Pecora 20 Conference all day Monday and Tuesday morning (November 13th and 14th, 2017).  All workshops will be half day (approximately 4 hours including mid-workshop break).  It is possible that a few Part 1 and Part 2 workshops will be accepted that would constitute a full day workshop.  However, these would be considered 2 workshops. All workshop rooms will have internet capability and power throughout for attendees to plug in laptops.  Instructors will be expected to bring their laptops and a laser pointer; projectors will be provided.  If the instructor needs other equipment or supplies in the room, these requests must be part of the proposal.

Proposal:  Consists of: (1) a concise and powerful title; (2) the workshop instructor (only single instructors for these workshops) name and contact information including address, email, and phone; (3) concise (maximum 300 word) paragraph describing the workshop; (4) any specific requirements for the attendees (e.g., must have PC laptop with 4GB RAM etc.).

Instructor responsibilities:  Instructors will prepare their workshops and provide a workbook or appropriate handouts/exercises/tutorials/ etc. in digital format that will be due two weeks before the meeting so that the information can be provided to the attendees by email.  (There will be no hard copies provided by ASPRS).  Instructor will also bring these materials on a USB flash drive for distribution to attendees who did not preregister for conference.

Instructor compensation:  Instructors will have a choice of compensation, either Package A: full registration to the Pecora conference and ONE night’s hotel; or Package B: $500 and the instructor   MUST register for the FULL Pecora conference.  Any instructor who teaches two workshops on two separate days will get a second night’s hotel registration if they selected Package A or an additional $250 if they selected Package B.

 Proposal submission:  Proposals must be submitted by July 1st .  All proposals will be reviewed and decisions made by August 1st.

Please direct all workshop questions to:

Russell G. Congalton, Workshop Coordinator
603 862-4644

Email your submission to:

Important Dates

Workshop Proposals  Due – July 1, 2017
Notice of Acceptance Workshops – August 1, 2017
Instructor Registration Date: September 15, 2017

Workshop Instructor Registration Requirements

  • All Instructors are required to register by September 15, 2017.
  • If an instructor has changed, the substitute instructor must register within 4 days of notifying ASPRS of the change.

NOTE: Instructors who do not register by the defined September 15, 2017 will be dropped from ALL program details and listings.

Please Note: Login for Pecora Abstract Submissions and Pecora Workshop Proposals are separate. You must create a login for each area separately.

For Information on Abstract Submissions, please click here.