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Member* ———— Non-Member ————
Before Oct. 13th After Oct. 14th Before Oct. 13th After Oct. 14th
Full* $450
Speaker Full*
$350 $450 $450
Student Full*
$100 $115 $115 $125
Daily** — Tuesday, November 14th $150 $200 $200 $200
Daily** — Wedneday, November 15th/Thursday, November 16th $150
$200 $200 $200
Exhibit Hall Two Day $80 $95 $80 $95
Spouse/Guest $100

*Full registration will provide access to all sessions, one free workshop (workshops announced at a later date,
access to the exhibit hall, and lunches and receptions.

**Daily registration will provide access to the sessions for the day they are attending

Instructions on paying for your Pecora20 registration balance.

Click the link above to “Pay your Balance"

Log into your member or non-member record.  Once in click on the “hi and your name” at the top of the header.

This will take you to your profile page.  On the profile page you will see “my participation” click on it.  this will take you to the page that will show balances.  Scroll down to the pecora20 registration.  Click on the small box under “pay”, then click on “add to cart” Once you have added it to the cart, enter your payment method.

The system will send you a receipt.