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Welcome to the wonderful city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, known as the “Heart of America.” This fall we head back to Sioux Falls to celebrate William T. Pecora’s vision with Pecora 20. With emphasis on recent significant developments in remote sensing, the theme of Pecora 20 is “Observing a Changing Earth, Science for Decisions…Monitoring, Assessment, and Projection.”

The Pecora Symposium series was established by the USGS and NASA in the 1970s as a forum to:

  1. foster the exchange of scientifc information and results derived from applications of Earth observing data to a broad range of land-based resources; and
  2. discuss ideas, policies, and strategies concerning land remote sensing.

This conference will offer a program on applications of satellite and other Earth observations to monitor, assess, and perform projections of future land and water resources, as well as big data and other analytical technologies to improve decision making utilizing satellite data