Letter of Invitation

To obtain an official letter of invitation to attend the Pecora 19 Symposium in conjunction with The Joint Symposium of ISPRS Technical Commission I & IAG Commission 4, the attendee must first be registered to attend the conference.

Within the online registration form, there will be a box to check indicating you need a Letter of Invitation. Please check this box within the online registration form. Your Letter of Invitation will be automatically mailed to you via postal mail.

If you submit a registration via fax, please send a written request for a Letter of Invitation to the Conference Registrar at registrar@asprs.org or the mailing address:

c/o Conference Registrar, Ms. Priscilla Weeks
5410 Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA

The Conference Registrar will send you both an electronic copy via email and a hard copy of the letter of invitation to the address you prefer.