Volunteer Information

Are you interested in attending the Fall Symposium for FREE?

Then you should apply to become a Symposium Student Volunteer!

Get involved by donating some of your time during the symposium as a Volunteer and in return we will pay for your symposium registration. It's a great opportunity for all!

We will be accepting applications for Student Volunteers for the Pecora 19 Symposium in conjunction with the Joint Symposium of ISPRS Technical Commission I and IAG Commission 4, taking place in Denver, Colorado, November 17 - 20, 2014 until October 3, 2014.

The volunteer position is very important to the success of the symposium and we are very excited to offer this experience. Please read below for all requirements, benefits and the application process.


Student members who are current members of ASPRS or the ISPRS Student Consortium are eligible to apply as Volunteers for this unique opportunity to help offset their overall symposium expenses.

Student Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Application Form


Students who are accepted to serve as Student Volunteers receive:


Any student accepted to serve as a Volunteer must be able to cover their own transportation to and from the conference and their daily meal expenses. Volunteers must be able to cover their own lodging during the conference.

Only those Volunteers who are assigned to an ASPRS Workshop as part of their volunteer duties may attend the assigned workshop at no cost. All others who wish to attend a workshop must register for the workshop of their choice and pay the student registration fee. These workshops are not part of the general conference registration fee.

Students who have never served as a Volunteer at a past ASPRS Conference will be given preference in the application review process. It is the aim of the Student Assistantship Program to give as many students as possible an opportunity to benefit from these awards.

We encourage students who live in the Denver metro area to specifically apply for the volunteer positions.


For questions regarding volunteer opportunities please contact the ASPRS Volunteer Coordinators:

Dr. Rakesh Malhotra and Ms. Carol Mladinich
Email: volunteers@asprs.org